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Trust frequency is the foundation of our unity with everyone.

Yet, it is the biggest challenge for humanity to integrate within.

3D collective grid carries the imprints of War consciousness. As we have spent many life times here, we have been part of historical wars willingly or unwillingly.

The imprints from those experiences still linger within our consciousness that challenge our safety, security and trust with everyone or everything around us.

As soon as we enter into 3D physical reality through birth - We forget our connection to our OverSoul, our own higher existence and then, we got anchored into lower density realities based upon Survival where scarcity, insecurity and lack rules the human experience.

Separation from our own higher existence is mirrored outside as separation from everyone and war consciousness imprints keeps people in distrust, always focused on Self Survival.

This has birthed the paradigm of Winning/Loosing, competition, Not Enoughness, Fighting for survival, Problem Solver, Struggle and hard work which unconsciously many people are carrying within their field.

The thought patterns that arises from these frequencies are based upon DOING to keep people always working for their Survival because unconsciously we don’t believe we are safe, trusted, or can live in harmony and abundance.

4D bridge is offering opportunity to alchemise all these densities in expedited ways for all those Souls who are here to birth New Era through their own transformation and to assist Gaia’s Ascension.

There is tremendous support that is available from Gaia and her allies from higher realms of realities to assist humanity to release these old realities from their consciousness to integrate higher frequencies.

And, it all begins with re-establishing connection with higher selfs, Soul network and OverSoul.

Bridging the different parts of us within. Creating the Unity within.

Outside world will always Mirror what we carry within.

Our own relationship with Self will be mirrored in all relationships outside.

Our capacity to receive from Self will be mirrored as capacity to receive from outside.

Our own inner freedom will be mirrored as freedom outside.

Anything from outside that doesn’t feel aligned or any conflict or chaos is simply mirror of misalignment, conflict or chaos inside.

There is nothing outside as such. We are creating all of it.

We can never create higher dimensional realities based upon templates or blue prints from outside as all that is based upon lower dimensional realities.

This is an invitation to release all outer dependencies and reclaim inner divinity to create a reality that you are here to birth through your unique expression.

And, only few will take this invitation as it is not for fainted heart ones. This requires courage to leave everything known and familiar behind.

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