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As we take journey from 3D to 5D, we are rewriting the old templates with new to create new realities through our vision and our frequency of creation.

This rewriting doesn’t happen outside, It is the shift we take inside by letting go of old definitions and frequency and embody higher ones continuously.

One of the greatest illusion, we are breaking through is -

“What it means to be a Warrior”.

This is one of the most profound transmission i received from Mary Magdalene and Divine mother on my journey last year which i am called to share today.

The old grid of Warrior is coded with the frequency of Survival, Separation and not enoughness.

The fighter, The hustler, The Winner,

Creating template of working hard, struggling, fighting for everything and getting shit done at the cost of inner being.

These all are lower masculine energies that we have used to survive and make our way for centuries as collective.

And, if we notice, we will find the internal thought patterns with layers of fear, inner bully or self abuse or hate within them.

To avoid them - we step into the identity of Fighter.

Many feel this as power in their Solar Plexus.


In order to experience higher realities of our 5D journey - we are called to transmute all that with inner love and light as there is no place for those old grids in New Earth.

This is where we bring frequencies of love and compassion within our Warrior.

The divine feminine energies.

It is only and only with love, we can transmute the old within our heart field and anchor our true warrior light.

And, as we do that - we dance with ease, grace and love and experience effortless creation.

This is a shift we are making to awaken our true power centre as creator - The Sacral.

We are moving our power centre from Solar plexus to Sacral so we can play with energies and let energies serve our creation rather than doing all over by ourselves in physical plane of existence.

This is shift from Doing to Being where we become simply presence.


In one of the activation today, I was shown - As people are getting awaken, they are getting trapped into 3D fighter grid reality for the changes they desire.

And, because, we are powerful creator and yes, we can get results or success within those grid.

But, at the same time, it serves as illusion of growth to keep people stuck in that reality.

Our Soul Signature frequency is Divine love and Abundance.

We are meant to receive everything gracefully.

And, our work is to release the 3D illusion and take this journey to embody more of our soul frequencies.

This is why we are here.

To experience the most joyful experience on this Earth.

So, we can create our visions and our dreams with ease and grace.

To anchor these higher frequencies through us and our work here.



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