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Your Uniqueness is the treasure you hold within.

There can never be only one way of Relating to anything.

Defining anything into rigid definition itself creates the limitations and create stagnate energy that takes away the power of creator to experience itself through multiple facets.

As Soul, we are here to experience ourselves in relation to Source Energy in its unique way. In physical form and In non physical form.

Through our relationship with each others.

Through our creations with each others.

Through different systems and structures.

When we start living and creating civilisation where everyone is taught- How to Think, How to feel, How to perceive the reality in defined ways, How to experience its life in defined way - we define a rigid structure through which everyone starts experience its reality in One Way.

Soul experience and its relation to all that is available becomes very boxed within these pre-defined structures.

This is how we as human race has been experiencing itself through many centuries.

Though it has provided incredible opportunity to explore a unique reality, our path to Sovereignty and freedom exits outside it.

As Earth vibration is rising and new consciousness is expanding its wing - We are remembering our free will to dissolve old way of relating to life and bringing our own unique blueprint that we came here to experience.

The path to being Creator and experiencing itself as Source consciousness with its divine birth right to ground its uniqueness into physical expression that we hold here.

Those who are leading this vibration and flowing with new consciousness are able to perceive the beauty that lies within each Soul and its unique contribution beyond any physical matrix can ever measure.

The legacy that is created through self realisation and embodiment will lead the human race to new platform that has become available now.


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