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As we go through this ascension journey, our focus is being transitioned from linearity of this one Physical life, to embracing our Multi-Facet, Multi-Dimensional expressions. But many are feeling lost, and are trying to find purpose in life.

There are both individual and collective purpose(s) we have come here to experience. At individual level, the purpose is based on the specific personal tasks which the Soul have chosen to experience.

However, as we are proceeding through our personal journeys, we are simultaneously participating in the collective journeys as well at multiple levels. Some of them are:

  1. Participating in Gaia’s ascension journey

  2. Participating in ascension journey of Human Collective.

  3. Participating in ascension journey of the Country/State/City/Community we live in.

There is no active involvement or actions needed for our collective journeys, as we participate in this by just by being on the planet.

In ancient times, the journey of the ascension seekers will require them to detach themselves from the material aspects and follow the path of solitude. This may include relinquishing money, relationships, society, family (parents, partners & kids) and, every other aspect of society in general.

However, with the alignment of the Earth with the Galactic Sun, the energies now available on the planet are far more vibrant & diverse. The ascension seekers do not need to relinquish any physical or material aspects.

In-fact, the energies are now supportive for the people to live happy, joyous and abundant life in every aspect, in alignment to their Soul frequency.

There is no need to sacrifice any aspect (family, relationships, material aspects, etc.) of our beautiful lives anymore, as the ascension journey now need all these aspects to be lived to their full potential as foundation of New Earth.

As we entered into 2023, to anchor the new timelines and potentials, Gaia is facilitating the "Partial

Intersection of 5th dimension with 3rd dimension" to boost the Ascension journey of her planetary body. 

These heightened energies will enable the embodiment of  higher consciousness, wisdom, love and light and will be available to those who are in resonance with Ascension timeline.

We are guided to hold space for those who are ready to Receive, & Integrate these upgrades from the "Intersection of Dimension" grid.

If this is something that you are called to, we invite you to join us in this 5 transmission webinar series starting 2/Feb/2023.


Details - 

Weekly transmission - Every Thursday at 7pm (Sydney Australia time) for 5 weeks.

Start Date - 2nd Feb 23

Duration - approx 1-1.5hr

Investment - $500 USD

With Love,

Terra & Manish


Welcome to the New. You will receive the Replay in email shortly!!

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