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When a Soul enters the Earth plane of existence, It sets up its intention of co-creation in alignment to what will serves at highest.

It chooses its own journey for personal evolution with specific frequencies to explore the physical and non physical creation within its own consciousness.

This journey is also linked to what will serve collective as Soul desires to experience unity consciousness through its own singular experience.

This is how our Individual Visions and Missions becomes collective Vision and Mission.

Its all linked together

Those who are here to create New Earth - They have chosen their journey in alignment to Gaia and collective ascension timeline.

They know deep down in each cell of their being that they are here to birth New and they are feeling the call of their heart in each moment.

The journey to 5D requires us to embrace new creation energies to integrate our own higher aspects to anchor new Timelines.

And, 4D bridge is being offered as Invitation to all those are ready and have the courage to leave familiarity and step into new waves of creation with their Soul, Gaia and Soul/Star family.

If you are one of them, ready to step into the newness of your being and feel aligned to take the journey with us -

We invite you to - Diamond Ray of Light.

Here is the snippet of the codex - a gift to align with ascension timeline and if you feel called for more, apply for the program and we are excited to co-create with you.

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