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We are raised with the idea of Success, Achievement, Serving others or working for a cause within 3D grid and these energies are the foundation of our life experience where our consciousness is always focused outward.

This is also entangled with DOING grid where mind is always focused on what to do next, how to serve etc.

As we enter into the next octave of higher frequency, these grids will be left behind to take new form where consciousness is grounded inward not outward anymore.

When a Soul incarnate, it sets its intention for its experience to explore its existence, its expression and its unfolding within its Soul blueprint and vibrational divine plan.

Its focus is on self becoming and self exploration as Source consciousness - not on others.

At higher self level - we are always part of collective container. So, when we ground into our own unfolding, our own becoming and our own authentic desires in every now, it automatically serves the collective as there is no separation.

Many Souls are being called into this new frequency octave to hold the higher energies for Gaia and open the higher realms for their own evolution to set the new path.

Letting go of what we have been taught and lived into, could be challenging as it feels normal specially if taught by many teachers, leaders or perceived role models.

This is where we have to let go of outside influence and lead with our own Soul and Heart into the New which is something that has not been seen or heard on this planet before.

Where mind may be trying to create with old energies and within old grids, Soul is paving the path to release these foundational energies to open the new Reality.

So, if you feel frustrated not being able to move forward, know that - It is not because you are not worthy or don’t deserve. It is because you already have enough experience registered at your Soul level of these old grids from other lifetimes and don’t require to live them physically once again. Whatever is becoming available, it is simply to transmute and this way, you are moving forward even faster than you know it.


Trust and have confidence on your own divine plan that is unfolding perfectly.


As always.


With Love,


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