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June is bringing energies for new beginnings. Preparing us for Solstice and Lion Gate.

For those who are opened to the energies and frequency upgrades, and co-creating with Gaia’s rhythm - This is opportunity to make yourself available for next layer of your evolution and mission as we enter into upcoming portals.

Intent to be released from 3D collective grid completely. And, those who are already on 4D bridge, make your self available for next frequency wavelength thats coming.

Surrender to your own process to let go whatever is ready to let go.

Allow whatever is ready to be dis-mantled so that it can take new form.

Even those areas, which you feel are working fine.

This is where mind will be challenged the most as it all feel good and templates anchored in mind are creating safety. Allow yourself to move beyond mind reasoning.

Attachments are being challenged in all areas to create neutrality.

Can you allow it all to let go and open your self to receive greater good ?

Can you open yourself to even more Joy? To go beyond what you think is joy.

As I went through my own process in last few days, I witnessed my own fear of how uncomfortable human body can be with so much bliss and joy.....not knowing how to live consistently in that state.....and just BE.

Letting myself feel, all there was available for me to feel, accept & embrace has opened my heart to hold even more love like never before.

I am celebrating these energies and all that is available for all of us.

And, as I co-create with mountains to integrate and ground them, I am celebrating all of you in my heart and the light you share in each moment.

Thank you for being you and being here

Sending you all my love,


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