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Crystalline light technology of Gaia has been anchored in the New Earth grid successfully that will pave the path of new timeline for many in this & upcoming years.

Last year, few Souls volunteered to activate this technology in co-creation with Gaia & Galactic federation of Light to explore the future potential and evolution pathway for humanity. This is first time this potential has been anchored with physical body embodiment.

This has changed the course of what is possible and available for Leaders who are ready to embody their higher expression and co-create with the planet once again.

It is only through the realms of Earth and its crystalline technology, we are able to anchor & embody new timelines that Gaia is bringing.

Those who are here to pave the path of New as their Mission with the planet, this timeline is available if you choose to.

It has been my honour as always to step outside the norm and create something beautiful that many hundred will cherish for next decade.

Trust your journey always no matter where it leads you. Path of Leadership is outside the norm and only your higher self can lead you there.

With love,


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