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Entering into New Timelines with Solstice Portal

On 21st Solstice portal, Gaia will take herself into new timelines.

The merkaba of the planet will spin and the collective will be placed into new timeline with Gaia.

The timeline of unity consciousness that will prepare collective to move into next octave of frequency, She is calling in.

These realities will take some time to stabilise and as the light expands, the other side of the polarity will continue to dis-mantle.

It is upto human collective how they React or respond to this dis-mantle.

Because, as a collective, you are creating it.

It is important for humanity to understand that this planet is ascending and as the light will expand, the polar opposite - perceived as dark will create the resistance .

How we manifest that resistance is always a collective decision. We can respond or we can react.

The way collective is going to make the decision with everything, is going to manifest those realties.

This is not right or wrong.

This is what happens when a planet decide to ascend and move into new timelines.

It is no different than when an individual intend to create a new timeline, the old has to go away.

As you leave old templates, old belief systems, old realties to move into the new, the Planet Gaia - who is living being, a consciousness - just like you is also going through same process.

As the energy is shifting, the consciousness is expanding, the old is crumbling.

This is Ascension.

This is Evolution and we get to choose how we decide to experience this journey of evolution and ascension.

Because, we are the one - creating it.

We are the one who are choosing every single day - how to respond to outer reality.

We are the one choosing to entangle our energy into what is going on - outside.

We can take this opportunity to go inward and decide what we want to choose, or we can feed to outside realities.

Each one of you are deciding for yourself.

And, as collective is coming together, collective energy is manifesting as outer reality.

Gaia is inviting everyone towards more love.

But the journey to love is - by integrating the duality within yourself.

Releasing the judgement by transmuting these energies with the ample of opportunities that are provided by higher self at this point of time.

The journey is different on 4D and invitation is open for everyone who wants to be part of this new creation.

Ascended Gaia’s Team

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