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Every planet or star system has its own unique collective consciousness grid and it is this grid that creates the platform for beings to experience existence in a different way.

Gaia’s original blueprint is coded to have collective consciousness through singular/individual unique experience.

This is what opened the door to have diversity here as Gaia was seeded to be Galactic hub offering this amazing opportunity to the beings from all other planets or star systems to have unified platform.

This is also we have so many star seeds right now on planet to assist Ascension journey.

The thriving of any civilisation within this configuration is equivalent to the embodiment of unique Soul blueprint by its people.

This is foundation of 5D grid to have unity consciousness.

And, This is what Gaia is moving towards… re-claim its sacred and original Intention to take its place within galactic grids to anchor its highest expression.

And, She is not waiting for anyone any more. Timeline split has already happened.

4th Dimensional Bridge has been opened as invitation to those who are ready to take the journey with her.

Countless light beings and councils of light along with Gaia’s kingdoms are working to support this journey, assisting humanity to release 3D grid and embody higher energies.

Many Ascended Masters has been preparing for this venture since last 12000 years, and returned on earth in this timeline to transmute lower densities by taking normal human journey.

No matter where you are and what your Vision is.


It is your Sacred Offering to Gaia’s New home.

And, the door to it is in embodying your unique Soul Frequency.

It is only by tapping into our original blueprint, we can align with Gaia’s higher realms.

This is journey to release everything that has been ever told to us to fit-in into 3D grid.

The ideas of who we are,

what life is about,

what success means,

what mission or impact means,

what abundance or freedom means,

what relationships means….all of it.

It is Total Deconstruct.

We can never ever take journey to higher dimensions from lower dimensional perspectives or meanings.

The only inner technology that can take us forward is - Our own Higher Self.


This is the only way to align with our Unique Soul Frequency that is the guiding light for everything from here.

We are not here to copy paste stories or beliefs or templates of others.

If that would be the case, Source would never need so many people on this planet.

It would have experienced the world through one, if we were to see the world in same way.

Don’t strive to be where others are.

Bring to others - Where you are.

The Song of your Soul.

The Magic of your Soul.

Who you are… each moment.

This is the only purpose you have.

With love.


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