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The upgrades that I received from my Soul/Star family over the lion portal has opened my heart to experience love and connection in such a deeper way that i never experienced before.

I am always grateful for the journey unfolding in such a beautiful way.

Our ability to experience and feel deeply everything we have - is our true sense of Abundance.

If we can’t FEEL it, no matter what is around us - It is just a thing and we continuously crave for more….from unconscious social patterns not even knowing why

And, when we open our heart field to tap into Abundance frequency - We start experiencing all that is available to us. It directly connects to the Soul Essence of everyone and everything creating magical moments.

Two different Realities.

Two Different timelines.

The Soul Abundance codes are available through the heart consciousness on Earth grids Now for those who are Ready to receive and explore their own being through the eyes of their Soul.

To co-create with Gaia and grid this planet with their Soul Signature to serve at highest level.

Breathe into your heart with Intention to expand it.

And, receive openly from your Soul that was always within you.

Release the patterns that tells you otherwise.

Take the journey.

Inside you.

As, there is nothing outside. Its all reflecting our inner world back to us.

Receive gracefully,


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