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Fear is an aspect of Source feeling separated and deeply longing for Love.

For eons, we hated it and nurtured it with that hatred energy, amplified even more by pushing it outside, ignoring it and seeing something that needed to be overcome.

Those energies served us in old grid and even though we created with them, we know deep down that it never disappeared.

Simply manifested in different form, in different area of life, in diff situation.

Because, it is a vibration within our own being.

New Energies are Inviting for union, for Love, for acceptance, for allowing.

To see these aspects through the love of heart and Soul.

To witness their purpose in deep embodiment of God and Goddess within.

To embody their role in our evolution and as the passage of activating more light within.

To feel the divinity and power of our earthly body through their alchemy.

Embrace them.

Allow them.

Accept them.

And, Honour them as vibration of Source within and outside.

This is the vibrational key to embody our own Soul Frequency and manifest everything through love.


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