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“I am that i am”.

When this consciousness sees outside, it perceive everything as -

“It is what it is”.

The state of being neutral.❣️

This is the invitation of New Earth grid.

Anything that arises within - Fear, Blame, Judgement, Anger, Disappointment, Sadness, Guilt, Shame etc

All are initiations to integrate the separation, duality and polarity within.

To bring these aspects home. Nothing to be left behind.

“Allow” and “Accept” are the vibrational key to this state of consciousness.

Both carry the same frequency “It is what it is” without any root cause analysis, without any judgement, without any control. The path of “Divine Love” that has the power to simply transmute through heart chamber and alchemise it.

The moment we go into finding the root-cause, analysing it, creating stories out of it, projecting outside on others, we open the door of polarity through mind. And, it keeps us in same timeline and frequency…….never ending road.

Once the duality is integrated and all lower aspects of Self becomes ONE with higher self, judgements dissolve and we start living with the consciousness of - It is what it is.

There are No thoughts of separation present within that space.

It is the vibrational space of BEING NEUTRAL where everything can exist as it is.

Everything is allowed as Source Consciousness vibrating with its vast spectrum in all realms.

With love,


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