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Light Civilisation - Paving the path ahead🌎✨

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Much has happened over the last 2-3 years and humanity has taken many leaps of Quantum evolution.

When energies moved at such a fast rate, it is often perceived as chaos in the external world which is refection of what is taking place within each human journey.

Vibration has been shifting at rapid rate that each aspects of human civilisation that is not aligned to new energies is simply leaving the field. Whether it manifest in personal; or professional life. It doesn’t matter. It is all manifestation of change that is happening within non-physical aspect of self and meeting the physical being causing the required change. There are those who are aware of the evolution process and are able to make transition as Soul is calling and there are those who are being forced by Soul to take new turns within their life.

This will continue and in fact, will increase as more and more human starts making transition to new and start ascending to new realities within their consciousness. This is simply the way of life on this planet now and we came here for this. We are in the middle to evolution cycle to birth the foundation and grounding energies for Light Civlisation on this planet. The original blueprint for human race.

And, if you are tuning to this message, you are here for this. No matter how much are you aware of this. The awareness itself is a process of remembering this truth and embodying the journey of Soul within physical dimension to open the full potential that is avaiilable to you in this lifetime OR - you created for yourself before you came here.

You own capacity to release/letting go of old will pave your path forward to embody the deepest love for yourself and your own evolution journey.

Today, I am called to share what has not been known to many and has been prepared as grounding platform for those who are ready to take another Quantum leap within their existence.

Gais’s ascension and creation of new platform for humanity has been running ahead of collective to make sure of new energies are grounded for those who are choosing the New earth as their new home. This home exists within your own consciousnesses not outisde it. It is existing reality and require only expansion of perception to certain frequency to be accessed. Hence, it is the journey that can be opened by your own higherself in alignment to your divine plan and all that you are here to experience in this lifetime.

There is no rush, no hurry , nothng to achieve, nothing to do or prove in order to access new realities as they all exists within your own consciousness not outisde it. The outside world is simply serving as reflection until one day you don’t need it anymore and able to travel to different realms within yourself without any mirrors from outside.

There are three platform of existence that are avaialble now on this planet and open to Souls based upon their individual Evolution plan under the guidance of Council of Light, Divine Self and plantery consciousness. This is to maintain the balance of energies across the board and also to open opportunities for further Soul development for required individuals. There is natural order that is set up within these platform as they all offer different experience of Life and contribute immensely to greater evolution of humanity. Individuals are naturally drawn to them based upon where they are within their own evolution journey and continue there until they are ready for next step. And, it is fully guided by the divine self, the consciousness itself.

The first is - Energy Based Dimension - This is where Soul explore the life through the richness of energies and perceive life through various energies that are available on the planet. This is also for those who has completed their Soul journey within physical dimension and achieved the required maturity to study/learn and experienced the life through matter. This often requires many life times and no small task due to the diversity and immense complexity of human physical dimension.

Interface of Dimension - This is where Soul start perceiving energy based dimension and start creating through it. And, at the same time, paving its path within physical territory. Studying/Exploring this dimension of existence within to understand the relationship between energy and matter in different forms.

Physical Dimension - The realm where Soul is focused on physical aspects of life to understand and explore its existence within Material world.

As evolution continue, human consciousness will travel through this journey based upon individual plan within collective container and what serves to the growth of each Soul within its existence. Each Soul is multi-dimensional in nature and creating through oversoul network many experience across different planets/star systems at the same time serving in its own evolution cycle. This is the inter-connectivity of creation that is leading the journey of each individual.

All these platforms has many different realities across many frequencies and densities that serve the opportunity of growth as desired by Soul within its own blueprint of creation.

Allow your path to be leaded from within and to connect to what is becoming available to you as individual.


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