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Multi-Dimensional You - key2

Updated: Jan 10, 2023


This lifetime and the journey of Evolution is to experience the Self in its Totality.

So, one of the key purpose of 4D bridge is to Integrate the aspects of self from all lifetimes to anchor and to embody the wisdom from all experiences.

This process of integration is also facilitating the embodying of higher aspects of self that are carrying New Earth energies.

How do we open these portal within?

Using - “I AM THAT I AM”.

When i started integrating aspects from my Lemurian Life, I wasn’t just co-creating with Lemurian Council of Light…..I was integrating- “I AM LEMURIAN”.

Same as I shared yesterday, I was co-creating with other aspect of me, simply Integrating and bringing the energies, frequencies, visions, gifts and experiences of that lifetime to here and Now, in this human life.

I remembered the healing modalities I used in that lifetime which facilitated my own healing in this lifetime.

Higherself is opening lives or portal to these multiple aspects of self as needed on our journey. There is rhythm to it. There is inter-connectivity to it. There is divine order to this…….tailored to our individual journey.

If you allow, the process will simply start working for you. Tune to your higher self and see what is available for you right now.

It is trusting the guidance and following our own rhythm.

Evolution is not human responsibility….it can’t be forced, it can’t be achieved, it can’t be succeed at.

Evolution is higher self/divine responsibility as it is Higher self energies that are landing on the planet through our body.

So RELAX and take the pressure off your Shoulder. You have done enough.

Human responsibility is simply ACCEPT and ALLOW the process. This is the key to make it effortless.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

And, you can’t get it wrong. You simply don’t have that ability anymore😎.



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