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I remember one day I was processing lot of Anger triggered in my field.

I had so much of Rage coming up on - Why Divine feminine has been suppressed on this planet ?

As I transmuted all that - Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene were holding me deeply with their love and moving the energies from my field.

And, they offered me a perspective that shifted how i relate to transmutation process.

Today, I am guided to share this with you all with our collective intention to honour your courage and to serve your journey.

They said -

Dear One, We do acknowledge the pain, and honour your courage and your process of Soul embodiment.

But, we also like you to see all as your own creation to call the power of creator within to change it all.

Suppression could be intentional sometimes as in given circumstances that is the only way to Protect something.

There were many magical abilities of divine feminine inheritance that may seem like suppressed but actually protected for higher purpose.

If they would have been available in lower consciousness to all, there was potential to have it mis-used and create even more harm to our Beloved Earth.

It doesn’t make us weak, in fact its other way around. We did it because we knew we have the courage and strength to re-claim it all back when the right time comes. Nothing is ever lost in the purity of our Soul.

See it as reminder of your own strength that can pull anything from the void inside when you let go of lower densities and access your akashic record.

And, we have atmost honour, love and respect for each one of you who are there on ground doing this work to change the timelines and collective imprint to awaken what was protected from eons.

You are never ever alone in this. No one is. We all as collective ascended masters are walking with you.


With love,


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