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The electromagnetic field of Gaia is changing to align with new timelines anchored with Lion Gate Portal.

The magnetic poles are reaching for balance with every ascension wave.

As we walk on Earth, we receive these energies through the meridian and lay lines of Earth.

Codes and new templates are received to align our frequency with the frequency of Planet……to restore the balance within.

The balance between Masculine and Feminine.

The balance between mind and heart.

As we integrate these codes, our physical, mental and emotional bodies goes through Transmutation process to birth New Body.

Purging the old that is not aligned and receiving the new to anchor into the physical plane of existence…..creating new template for human existence.

Our higher selves are ready to take more space in physical plane and this is how we will anchor ourselves into higher realms of Gaia.

By integrating higher frequencies within our body that can allow our higher selves to walk here on Earth through physical bodies.

The process of transmutation and Integration can be challenging if we are not aware or conscious as mind tries to hold to old perceptions that Soul is ready to let go of.

Once we remember that the journey is of Soul(not personality) and surrender to the process to co-create with our Higher selves and Soul/Star family, we ground into the Trust and Faith that is beyond what mind can ever access.

Mind works for survival and always resist the unknown. And, unknown can be made know only via inner guidance. This is the only way to take mind on journey with us.

This is also why - the balance between masculine and feminine, mind and heart is the key for this path… that we can access both- physical and non-physical to navigate our journey ahead with precision and guidance.

The energies from Lion Gateway are assisting us to bring this balance within. Many will receive new visions and new timelines that they didn’t had access before.

This narrow down the gap between multiple realities that becomes available and accessible. Different visions, different feelings or emotions or new thoughts could be confusing for mind as it doesn’t know how to work with parallel realities and multiple versions of self.

The journey and creation of our visions can be accessed only via Heart consciousness from here onwards.

Align with your Heart and be the observer of what is available to choose what Soul is calling forth for its journey.

Be open as it could be totally different to what you would have thought until now.

Allow yourself to be blank canvas and let go of what was known/familiar.

And, co-create with your higher selves to stabilise into new timeline that Soul has chosen to anchor.

This is where our individual and collective highest potential lies.

Receive gracefully,


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