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If you have been on the path of personal growth, you know that when we intend to call in New Reality, we have to release all that is not aligned with new timeline.

If we don’t, those old patterns creates conflicting energies within our field…like a baggage inside that we keep pulling with us.

The only way to create new reality that we can experience in its fullness and richness within our heart as our creation is by being in alignment with the frequency of it.

If we have conflicting energies, we can never ever feel the richness of what we created even if we manage to bring it to fruition by controlling the energies - It doesn’t change our experience of Reality…just bring more of same physical reality and then we are off to - looking for next thing.

4D bridge is giving us opportunity to release the baggage so that we can stabilise into new Reality not only with the physical reality but also with the richness of it.

On this 4D/5D creation path, we can’t control anything, we can’t take old with us, so the only way forward is to Surrender and Allow New to come with Grace.

The bridge is opening and bringing all old on surface that has been hidden, un-acknowledge and unseen for generations.

As we transmute, old timelines for our individual manifestation to balance the energy to create new……..same is happening on collective level as well.

Everyone is given the opportunity to align with New energies and Gaia’s grid are offering transmutation for old - on individual consciousness level, on family consciousness level, on cultural consciousness level, on country consciousness level, on planet collective level.

This requires everyone to see beyond what is being shown on the surface or in media to divert the attention from the evolution and Ascension opportunity that is available to all right now.

Those who are feeling the call are able to navigate these times with precision and discernment to use every opportunity to create the balance within.

This is how we are releasing the collective realities and opening to the new one that are already available and has been already anchored on 5D platform.

Those who are here to create New Earth - It is important for them to see the path with the window of their Soul who is guiding each step and alchemising everything that doesn’t serve it to anchor new Reality within its energetic blueprint.

As this energetic blueprint stabilise - we are able to experience new physical reality as its manifestation.

The compass is inside us. It always has been.

It is what is hidden inside our unique blueprint.

Connect to your higherself and use internal Vision to see beyond physical.

You will be able to see the unseen and all that is available to you right now.

There is so much love for you.

With Love,

Shalini (co-creation with Galactic Council of Light)

If you are feeling the call to Serve at highest in co-creation with Gaia and other councils of light to anchor new realities for collective with your mission and your soul vision - Receive the gift of 4D/5D journey codex here -

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