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Continuous Journey and Moving through countless timelines available to us.

The first step of timeline creation is being aware of current energies. We can’t shift through what we are not aware of.

Second step is to acknowledge and accept what and where we are, our current experience of that timeline. We can’t transform what we don’t honour and respect as our own creation. Dis-honouring our own energy keep manifesting more of same.

So, we bring the energy of grace, & unconditional love to chose the completion of current experience and invite the New. 

Third step is Surrender. Surrender to our own Creation & open to Receive. We received the seed of new through our heart desire and created new intention. And, we nurture it with patience, love, kindness and receive all that is needed to transform & shift within us to become the energy of New.

Fourth step is to Step into New by letting go of old and embracing the New with complete openness.

Remember, this is continuous process. What is new in this moment, will also evolve and become old one day. So, we release the attachment and be present in Now to enjoy it in its fullness and let the journey of evolution continue…..

As there is no beginning and no ending to any of this.

We are here to experience our own becoming and enjoying becoming of others who are on same path.

Love to all❤️

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