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Deep Alchemy within Individual Consciousness

In last few years, i had privilege of meeting many advanced Souls. Re-uniting with those who has been travelling together the path of higher consciousness. Again in this lifetime.

Those who hold the deep wisdom within their being. I recognise this vibration as it is indeed fragment of my own Soul. The deep recognition of self in many aspects naturally creates the pull towards what you hold within you. This is true for all aspects of Duality….whether Light or Dark. In higher frequency, they are One and it takes the complete integration of polarities to self-realise that truth and fully ground through our being.

Today, I would like to share another perspective of how we relate to ourselves. As I met others and myself through myriad’s reflection floating around me, I recognised that there are many advanced Souls who has chosen very unique path for this lifetime considering the opportunity present within evolution cycle of planet.

There are many Advanced beings who has lowered their vibration consciously to place themselves within specific frequencies of realities to transform and transmute old systems and structures to New.

Nothing can be changed at physics level as everything is created as vibration first. This vibration with its various energy patterns descends to physical to create physical reality and its experience. So, if we have to change anything, it happens through vibrational change, not at physical change.

Lets take example- War. Those who are involved or affected by War carry certain vibrational frequency. We can save people on physical level, do prayers or meditations for them. And, yes, it may have some affect but the fundamental frequency that created the situation at first place, remain same. These vibrations keep manifesting and repeating itself in difficult forms even though human mind may perceive temporary solution of problem. However, overall vibration of collective remain same and manifest another physical realities with same energies. This has been going this way forever.

To change something simply means change in vibration and seeding new consciousness and that happens from inside. And, everyone involved has to take responsibility for their own vibration as individual of collective. None can do it for anyone. This is where our potential exits as individual and as collective if we truly wants to create new planet or simply connects and move to that frequency of reality as it already exits.

There are many themes to Integrate here.

  • If you are touched by anyone or anything outside. Including suffering or lack etc. This is mirror from outside to look within - What is within your own consciousness that is becoming available for you to move through here? It is your own topic that need your attention so that you can shift to new frequency where this old vibration doesn’t exist anymore. Look within what attachment or judgements coming on surface. Humanity is conditioned to find meaning of their life into the life of others. Are you able to move beyond it? Can you truly anchor Sovereignty of  your being and ground yourself into your new Earth?

  • Your path is always in front of you, unfolding exactly as needed. Knowing that you made choice to be who you are, where you are for unique experience, can you trust that your Soul’s greater impact is exactly here and now. In this moment, with people you are, the place you live, the collective you are part of. Human consciousness often look for its purpose outside in the world because the perception is focused on outside and not able to recognise that physical world is part of its own consciousness. It is shift within individual consciousness that is moving the collective consciousness. This is simply natural process. Allow yourself to aware of your own presence, your own being and your own magnificence which is a feeling within that can never ever be defined through words. Any words would simply limit it.

  • Connect to your higher self to open the akashic knowing of your existence beyond this moment. Your life, your incarnation, the themes within your experience, the family, the work places, the systems and structures or industries, you are part of/or had been. All this is part of your greater Mission. The new that is being birthed through your own consciousness by choosing and paving the path through these timelines and energies that you have or are experiencing within your consciousness. Its all connected and serving as foundational blueprint or buffet of energies through which you are taking journey from one dimension to another. This is also the blueprint you have chosen for your manifestation of new. This is also the place where all your dreams, desires are linked to.


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