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Moving beyond forgiveness and stepping into Creator Consciousness✨

Forgiveness was the concept created by spiritual identities to work within duality in the old grid.

New Earth energies require to step into new paradigm of being Creator and call in your full creator consciousness.

In the old world, it was challenging for people to move through their emotions and create new energies. People would remain within same emotional body for years and not being able to move forward no matter what they try outside.

Now, in New, we have opportunity to move stuck emotional energies and create new experience for the self.

Any trauma , abuse or intense experience creates emotional energies within body that get stuck within cellular structure creating densities keeping human experience within those lower grid. For example - if you have anger and rage stored within your being, you will remain within those realities which will have same vibration reflected from outside.

With new energies available, we are able to dissolve these energies and release them from our body. It may take few takes but if we are consistent, we can move beyond old realities to new one that are vibrating higher.

As you go through this journey, you will be given “Choice point” by your higher self to step into Creator of your own reality by acknowledging everything as your own creation. That means - no matter what experience we had with anyone, it was/is our own creation. We created many dense and lower experience for the purpose of our OverSoul embodiment across many life times which will knock at door as you go through your embodiment process.

We can perceive realities through blame, victim consciousness or with new energies available, take full responsibility of our incarnation and all that we created within this or other life time.

This is not to ignore or deny the pain or related experience in such situations, in fact - it is complete acceptance, love and compassion for our being that will enable to move through all blocked emotional energies. There is no judgement around whatever body experience through such situations.

It is ok to work with the concept of forgiveness if you had intense experience until you are ready to step into your Creator consciousness and close the cycle for forever.

We are going beyond where humanity has been gone and to anchor new consciousness on planet that exists beyond duality and to embody our full creative power, we are bringing new leadership that work entirely in new ways.

Be the New that you are born to be.


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