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Being Creator

In many spiritual teachings, people are made believe that it is all God that created everything. Its all happening because of this perceived higher power outside us.

So, when people start connecting with higher self/Soul, same energy starts taking place here. It is higher self doing everything now. Humanity has been living with passive attitude of just living what comes on the way for eons. This is energy of deep victimhood that doesn’t even allow the human self to dream and desire.

This is what one belief system manifested through spirituality. There are many others that doesn’t allow the self to go beyond and being able to perceive the self as God itself.

The Creator of our own Reality.

We are the Architects of our own life here. And, if we keep denying that responsibility to give power to someone else, we will never embody true power of creation.

Higher self is co-creative energy of our own field. We are bringing that energy here in this realm through our own embodiment.

But, for that- it is important for us to own ourselves as Creator of our own life and what we choose to experience and create each day.

It is our Intention and choice that are bringing the energies here.

It is our co-creation and leading through the heart portal that is creating everything in our life.

No one is coming to give anyone anything or do anything.

It was always meant to be the journey to embody the Creator within.

The God self within.


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