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Years back, I was part of a container held by galactic federation of light and other councils.

Physical configuration of the container was in 3D/4D consciousness which still had identities and role structures.

In one of the session, the facilitator shared the codes that were downloaded by me couple of weeks before in the collective field of the container. Of course, person sharing had no idea and represented it as share from her Soul family for all.

This triggered me first, but gave the most powerful insight of co-creation and what actually happens on inner planes when we all come together in circle.

I was able to intercept how many energy fields became available within the collective field giving access to multiple timelines across higher and lower dimensions both.

I remembered, how to co-create with the collective field of the container and access all that was available beyond what facilitator were able to share.

My consciousness shifted into new timelines releasing all physical dependencies, to co-create on inner planes directly with different consciousness and evolved beyond people facilitating opening a new grid for collective.

In 3D/4D consciousness, people perceive reality with roles and structures. There is someone Teacher, Coach, Facilitator, Student etc.

These subtle layers doesn’t allow the light to flow through the circle in harmony and doesn’t acknowledge and/or perceive the power and contribution of each Soul through inner planes within the field.

The Facilitator feels responsible for others. And, other feels facilitator’s responsibilities to facilitate their journey. Dis-balanced giving and receiving.

Not to add there are so many others identities of leadership(Achiever/ Rescuer/Mission/Service) playing that keeps people in co-dependency.

Many are challenged to hold space for people and see them struggling and straight jump to support, not realising that on the path of evolution and ascension, the greatest gift is to have people walking on their own feet.

And, it will take courage and dismantling of all old templates of leadership that many are not ready for.

I invite you today to look within, what are you holding on to and where you are ready to evolve to full freedom and power of your being.


Are you able to create new energetic field of Sovereign being who is empowered from within ?


And, allow others to receive same from their higher self rather than you ?


Old is dissolving faster than you can feel. Gaia’s ascension timelines are bringing new timelines shifting the matrix from within birthing new era.


More we surrender, more we allow ourselves to align with the new.


With love,

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