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3D collective grid is based upon conditions and limitations.

And, these grids have created transactional way of birth to unlimited expectations and patterns that are anchored in human consciousness from experience of life times.

As we are taking journey to higher realms with ascension frequencies, we are releasing these grids so that we can anchor new grid that is based upon unconditional love.

In new grid, everything flows because we are conduit for source energy.

We become the flow.

In order to embody this flow - We have to EMBODY the frequency of Co-Creation.

And, that means simply taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our Creation.

Every person coming to our field, every situation, every event, every idea, every interaction in physical or non-physical.......EVERYTHING is our own creation.....extension of who we are.

Our own consciousness.

Our own Mirror outside.

When we remember and embody that - There is nothing left outside to blame,

to explain,

to defend,

to justify,

to even ask or say.



This path is only for those who are willing to take Radical Self Responsibility for co-creating every moment of their life and embody compassion for everyone else who are on their journey.

That is what Sovereignty means.

That is what Personal Power means.

With the frequency of co- creation grounded in self responsibility, there is nothing we give or receive from anyone.

Its all circular flow of source energy with our own creation frequency.

Those who are able to take this courageous path will lead the humanity in coming era.

This is who we are becoming and what is available to everyone with ascension frequencies that are already here.

And, If you are on this journey with me -

I love you,

I honour you and

I admire your dedication to the path of divine love.

With Love,


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