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If we really wants to experience the true freedom and abundance, it can be found only in limitless place.

The place with -

No rules,

No boundaries,

No justification,

No obligations,

No sacrifice

Wherever, we have these frequencies playing in our field - we always feel limited inside in one or the other way.

If you truly tune to what you heart desire and what your soul is calling forward, You will know that it is pulling you beyond all this.

This is what Evolution and Ascension is all about.

Birthing new reality,

new dimension, and

a new earth.

This is what we all signed up for.

Bringing unseen into Light for everyone.

Realities within dimensions are always held by set of frequencies.

So, birthing new dimension will requires total reset.

Complete upgrade of everything we have been told for centuries that has kept us slave - within Matrix to keep us in lower consciousness.

Starting from who we think we are, our relationship to each other and everything around us.

Our roots define and shape everything else we birth - whether it is communities, education systems, financial systems, industries, organisation or government.

Same frequency creates the foundation of everything.

It all begins with us.

There is nothing outside.

It is all just mirror of who we are inside.

To create our Soul visions to serve our purpose, we have to let go of all collective realities that are not in alignment of what we are feeling call to create.

It was always part of the plan. And, this is the only way forward.

Remember, it is not just your purpose or vision, It is Vision of New earth that your Soul agreed with Earth before you came here.

As we allow ourselves to take the journey we agreed, we drop the illusions of 3D Matrix plugins based upon Material Status, Money, Power or Fame.

There is no place for them in new energy available now.

Humanity has been stuck within same grid for centuries without realising that it is simply illusion of growth but in real - It is same time space reality, same frequency repeating itself in loop keeping everyone in same experience.

As we release these plugins, we call back our life force energy that has been used to feed those realities and we use it to create what we truly desire.

We call back our divine power and our soul eternal memory.

We remember more and more of who we are as light being.

We remember that the Journey is not about becoming who we are.......

It is allowing and reclaiming who we already are and we always has been.

And, that place becomes our new playground.

The place of divine freedom and abundance.

Where love and connection to everything becomes our core frequency.

The frequency of Sovereign Being.

That is why we all are here



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