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The whole value system within 3D consciousness is seeded in outside world.

And, it begins with education system expanding within all areas of our existence.

I sat in school as child being evaluated by teachers based upon marks/grades.

I also sat within evolution containers evaluated by facilitator for not integrating codes fast enough.

I compared myself with others feeding my own system with self evaluation.

Every reflection from outside initiated deep process within me to witness and observe the deep and subtle layers of this Grid.

With each initiation, I integrated more of my Soul Frequency and Soul codes. Not to mention…deep liberation.

And, at each step, I released people from my life who were being reflection and carried this coding.

Our Power lies within us and it starts honouring the self and embodying the self.

As long as, we are evaluating the self, we will carry the energy of being not good enough and doubt our own being.

Serving others begins from serving the self.

As we are the most important person in our existence.

The Centre of our universe.

The new energies of Gaia that has been already anchored, has no evaluation grid at all.

It is end of all the ways collective consciousness manifest evaluation of people. Rating systems, Measuring criteria or checklists. External Results or achievements. Performance systems…..the list goes on.

Each industry has its own unique system that will dismantle as we embody our value within our being.

I can’t fathom anymore evaluating myself based upon physical that is created by me only🤔

Its like - judging the creator for its own creation. Or Measuring ourselves based upon what we only birth 🤓

If you are ready, intend and invite your higher self to show the layers within you that are available for transmutation to anchor more freedom and abundance of your being.

So you can embody the expression that you are meant to be.

Leader of the new that you came here to be.

With Love,


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