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Evolving Consciousness

In different civilisation and timelines, the evolution process to access higher consciousness has been different.

For example - In Ancient Egypt, people will be trained for weeks in dedicated schools to transcend beyond physicality and master the energy based living within physical dimension.

There were others who took the path of rigorous meditation and rituals within land of Himalaya across various civilisation there.

There were those who became students within mystery schools around Europe.

Stories are endless and you will find as Gaia’s Vibration was changing(lowering), each civilisation took their own path as energies were different to what they were earlier.

Many advanced Souls incarnated to keep the vibration of planet high and anchor light as much as possible once Earth was encapsulated and had no access to all universal energies. The darkness was expanding creating lower densities in these times.

Those who incarnated in these times, already has higher consciousness available to them through their earlier incarnations on this planet and they were able to access and anchor them again through the Earth Star Portal and Earth Akashic record. As they ascended within their journey, they became the teachers to others who couldn’t access their own divinity directly due to planet encapsulation. Many had been revered by humanity in this role and seen as messenger of light.

At the same time, duality also took its roll. The other side of polarity also manifested with those who wanted to control humanity for power and personal gain. Many became leaders within these timelines claiming that they have the direct access to God/Heaven/Power and humanity must go through them. They are the messenger from higher realms or have access to them. They took advantage of Earth encapsulation and humans not being to direct access their own higher consciousness beyond a limit. And, if anyone did, they were simply outcast or killed.

Light and dark - all exits at the same time. As we Evolve towards higher consciousness within our own spiral of time, we, as individual and as collective is going to face this history again. This timelines are playing right now in collective and if you connect to the energies, you will be able to discern through your heart field.

We are moving beyond these timelines. So, they will come for transcendence and dissolution to move beyond it.

Earth grid system with universal connection has been completely restored now and human evolution to remember our direct connection and access to all that is, is available to everyone one with no exception.

Each Soul has complete opportunity to access higher realms through its own heart portal and higher self wisdom.

Those who will lead humanity in new Era will always direct people back to their heart and their power. There is no teacher or teaching outside you. It was never and it will never be.

Bless those who you encounter within old timelines as they must play their role in human evolution to move beyond it.

And, Remember- All is always well within your heart and its creations.


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