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As we are taking our journey to higher realms of Gaia, we are transmuting lower densities and templates that are anchored in 3D/lower 4D realities.

When we purge something that has been providing safety and certainty, mind can create lot of resistance to hold on to it.

Because, to mind - what is on the other side is Unknown.

To it - it feels end of everything- Death.

It is actually fear of Death.

I used to struggle a lot in letting go in the beginning of my journey……specially what was good or working fine in my life.

Here is the what I received while i was working with this pattern.

Because, we as humanity has lived in physical based dimension for so long - our physical body doesn’t have any memory of what happens on other side when we transition.

When we die(frequency transition), we leave physical body behind.

So, body hold the experience of End only. It has no awareness or knowing of other side.

This is why when we are transmuting to enter into new timelines and realities - Body creates resistance because it remembers only END and it triggers same memories.

This is also for some the experience of worm hole can be challenging.

It is part of the process and with each small transition to new platform of existence- we are building a new pattern of safety with our non physical presence that is eternal.

We are integrating and registering new memories, new experience within our physical body.

Because, within Ascension timeline- we are taking physical body along with us in new dimensional realities.

So, work with mind and take it slow.

Allow it its own time to witness and observe that everything is safe.

Consciously anchor new pattern.

Hold the intention to receive the experience of more love and more freedom as you let of old and welcome new.

There is so much love for you.


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