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Light and dark are viewed separately within 3D consciousness.

And, because of duality within, they are often named as good vs bad. Right vs Wrong.

Both are simply concept of 3D and lower 4D consciousness and doesn’t exist as separate in higher realms.

In higher realms - Light simply means Light or Energy. So what we perceive as good or bad are simply different frequencies within Light bandwidth.

As we integrate duality within, to anchor higher realms, we have to let go of this separation between these different energies.

What it means is - whatever we perceive as wrong or bad has to be fully accepted. And, the process to unify these energies means diving into lower spectrum with dense emotions within. As guided by higher self.

Often people are lost within identities - Lightworker, Missioned Souls etc. and think they are here for Good. That good comes from duality and its definition comes from internal programming of what is good and rejecting/denying or suppressing what is perceived as bad within or in the world.

One of the way, people navigate this realm is - by changing the meaning or words to sound good, or to feel good so that they can be the good person to maintain their identity.

Behind this at the deeper level is - fear to hurt others, to trigger others, to be misunderstood, Judged & not loved.

So, people learn to craft their language, their behaviour to protect their internal world. And, there are plenty of techniques within personal development world that teaches how to do it.

Now, this can help to create realities within 3D and 4D realms but not beyond that. It becomes limitation to evolve and expand further to open multidimensional mission timelines.

There are many who are using same technique with evolution and ascension teachings with fancy words to sound good but not able to anchor higher state of consciousness because of duality within.

I invite you today to look within. What do you perceive wrong or bad within you or in the world ?

If you are able to perceive it, it is part of your consciousness. Part of Self only. As a creator, it is our creation only.


Are you able to embrace it as other aspect of yourself ?


Are you able to accept it, embrace it and transmute it with love?


Remember, when a Soul incarnate, it maximise its potential by choosing all possible experiences across the range of its multidimensional existence. So, no matter whatever energy you perceive as wrong or bad. It is you somewhere creating it. And, it is time to integrate it.


The beliefs of good or bad are indoctrination embedded by duality consciousness perpetuated by religious or moral teachings to control the humanity that keeps alive idea of struggle, pain or suffering.


It is time to awaken deeper truth from within and embody all that is.


This is the Path of New Earth Leaders who are ready to rise above lower consciousness to hold more light which means - A deeper unified co-creation with all aspects of Self with no judgement.


I was that I was. I am that I am. I will be that I will be.


With love,


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