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GAIA is bringing structural changes to the planetary grid next year which will move many to new platform of existence.

This will give the opportunity to collective to perceive new realities that were not even possible until now and open new timelines.

One of those pillar is new octave of harmony between Masculine and Feminine energies calling forward new way of relating to these frequencies.

New Octave will open new energies and access to new realm for those who are ready and open to receive the new, anchored into the balance within.

Many Souls are missioned to anchor these new energies through their own embodiment to balance/ground this new grid and new energies to support the collective and will lead the way to this new platform of existence.

The pillar that is under renew for next couple of week until mid Jan is - Relationship to Masculine and Feminine energies.

Masculine - What is/was your relationship with Men in your life ? The Men we meet outside is the Men we live inside. There is no separation. Our own relationship to the masculine.

Feminine - What is/was your relationship with Women in your life? Again it is our own relationship to the feminine energies.

These two energies will receive upgrades in next coming weeks to create balance and harmony within.

We are who we meet outside each day. Honour each reflection and let them activate you in your Sovereignty and divine power.

It is important to create this divine Union within to anchor the foundation of New Earth grid.

It is also basic frequency to hold neutrality and access zero point to even perceive higher timelines.

It is also the space from where new earth creations are birthed.

When we are not in harmony within - we create from separation and lack. It is just how energies work.

Let yourself receive the gift of these new energies that will flow now on planet as Gaia moves her kundalini energy to clear the old and anchor the new.

Blessings of the New,


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