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Living Vibrationally

Kids are naturally tuned to read vibrations and generally act based upon them. The mind takes around 8 years to develop and to enable its abilities to perceive reality through human made rules of Right or Wrong and then act accordingly. This is from where kids starts changing their behaviour to fit-in and act as they need in front of others based upon what they learnt from their biological environment and their experience. 

Depending upon, how we treat and act with children shape their behaviour patterns. In early years, no matter what we try to explain to them verbally, they read our feelings, our voice tones and our expression. They don’t have language dictionary in-built within them so vibration is how they navigate and understand the world until their mind is developed to read based upon words and their meaning. 

In next few years, there is going to be wave of crystalline & rainbow children who will incarnate to bring and raise the vibration of the planet and seed new consciousness of living vibrationally. The current education system is based upon mind and very limited. these children will bring new consciousness to navigate through inherent abilities of physical body and utilise all of its capabilities to create new pathway for humanity. Slowly this seeding and their work will start changing how humans relate to reach other, their environment, systems and structures. 

There is enough work done by many to create the energy platform for these kids. Most of them will be highly developed Souls who already have lengthy lineage of great work within their Soul bucket. They wouldn’t need to go through the massive clearing as done by us as bridge holders and they will rise to their Soul frequency quickly. 

There are many who has missioned to support these Souls and if you are conscious, they are already co-creating with you at some level to create the new timelines. They will require environment around them with people who knows how to blend physical and non-physical and anchor their Soul gifts within human dimension to create new pathways. This will be hybridisation at multi-dimensional level to anchor new seeding for human civilisation evolution. 

New is already here and working at many levels across many dimensions. 



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