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When we remember that we are multidimensional being, co-creation and manifestation takes new form.

It becomes all about ALLOWING and RECEIVING.

We exists across all dimensions already.

Our higher expression, 5th dimensional self is already holding the Vision and Mission we came here to anchor.

That expression of SELF is already creating timelines for New earth through least resistance path across all parallel realities.

When we remember our own relationship of Oneness with our own higher existence, we start tapping into this magnificent co-creation of downloading our own Vision and Mission.

The multidimensional Vision and Mission are frequencies that are anchored into the different vibration.

As we start the journey on INTEGRATION with our SOUL, we start raising our vibration and state of consciousness by letting go of separation and all other realities, programming and conditioning based upon this separation.

And, as we shift into different frequencies through this process, we start perceiving our vision and mission step by step on different level.

It is ever evolving process as it exists across multiple realms of existence based upon octaves of frequencies and we can perceive only where we reside with our own state of consciousness

4D BRIDE has opened up the path for leaders who are here to lead New Earth creation and a better world for all through embodyment of Multidimensional SELF.

And, this path is -

Path of Soul Remembering.

Path of Soul Integration.

Path of Allowing and Receiving.

Path of Co-Creation.

This is how we will lead our own mission, our own timelines and guide others to lead theirs.

By receiving gracefully,


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