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This is journey of healing, integration and activation.

An Invitation to all those Souls who had prepared eons in different realities to birth a new dimension through their inner journey.

As we enter on 4D bridge, all these parallel lives(past lives) are coming on the surface for review.


Multidimensional codex opens the portal of living in NOW. There is no past anymore. All parallel selfs are here - ready to be healed.

A Soul can’t attain the state of consciousness as whole without healing all the imprints anchored within consciousness of lower matter which parallel life it is.

We can’t leave any part of us behind in 3D as it will create split energy within our consciousness if not reconciled.

And, every Soul has chosen its own journey of integration based upon its own blueprint and mission.

Through our own inner journey, we are birthing new consciousness that will create foundation of new earth.

The foundation where each soul is anchored with inner power, inner certainty and full sovereignty.

It will require to release and let go of all physical anchors across life times.

To let go of all imprints anchored in lack, insecurity and power outside/over others.

And, until, we attain this foundation within us - the journey will continue to bring whatever is needed to be healed, integrate and activate within.

This is why - this evolution and ascension journey is only for those who are COURAGEOUS to hold and lead their own path.

And, those who are in DEEP LOVE and DEVOTION to their OWN BEING who has been serving at such greater level beyond this life or physical existence.

COMPASSION, PATIENCE and SURRENDER are the virtue that will sparkle light on the way.

There is no bigger Mission and Service than birthing SELF at higher level who can hold higher consciousness here on Earth.

That is and that was the DIVINE PLAN of the Soul.

To become the Pillar of Light for Gaia

Receive from Self, and let that light shine from within

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