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I had been receiving so many upgrades this month, releasing more densities and expanding my consciousness even more enabling me to perceive beyond what i had been able to perceive so far.

I am forever grateful for co-creation with Gaia and my Soul/Star family.

In yesterday’s quantum upgrade, I received new timelines that created so much excitement in my being.

I received how Gaia is taking new galactic location and its unique frequency signature. How it will be aligned through portals, constellations and new earth communities that are being born as each one of them will hold specific frequency signature.

I received my Soul’s excitement and its mission in all this as co-creation with Lemurian council of light.

I am excited about this new unfolding and aligning with it.

I am sharing my joy with you all and inviting you to New Earth Co-Creation grid.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves right now is the journey of Ascension.

It allows us to evolve and expand in alignment to our Soul’s highest Vision for this planet.

It allows us to release the densities and expand our consciousness to perceive new possibilities that are not possible with mind and from 3D consciousness.

It allows us to deepen our relationship with Soul and tap into higher frequencies of Abundance, Love, Freedom, Joy, Creativity, Mission and Service.

This is available for those who are ready to choose and step out of 3D grid to anchor new grids for Gaia.

New timelines and new Realities for humanity.

To create new world that is based upon Love and Unity.

By Re-claiming their own Sovereignty,

their own Freedom and living from their highest excitement.

If this resonate with you, I am gifting you the transmission to receive the codex of Ascension.

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