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Energy of Love is experienced differently at different octave of frequencies.

At higher realms - Love is called Neutrality and has feeling of peace/calm.

In lower consciousness - Love is experienced through contrast. With opposite of hate/dis-like/& sometimes we often confuse it with mis-alignment which is ego’s way of dis-like.

And, this is simply because of Duality and Polarity running within consciousness.

Natural action of mind is to Control when we are faced with situations that challenge our energies and invite us for neutrality.

Power that is created through external meets the Love of Soul that knows no boundaries.

As we go through next months - one of the theme collective is going to integrate is - Can we have Power and Love together ?

The power that comes from external is grounded into hierarchy and it runs away from love because both can’t exist together.

Love will invite the oneness in which hierarchy can’t exist. So, naturally for ego to control and create all kind of stories to separate itself.

We have not experienced Power and Love together on this planet for centuries so energies will be challenged in many ways to surrender and accept the path of divine unfolding.

It is important to be honest with self and take full responsibility for whatever is arising within no matter how it shows up in outside. It is all divine orchestration.

Physical is always mirroring what we hold within and supporting us to bring closer to who we are and always meant to be.

Many structures, groups, organisations that are grounded in old energies will be dis-mantled, shaken and challenged with what is already here.

Light always brings dark on surface within individuals, systems and structures. This is simply how energy works.

Sovereignty is an invitation for those who are able to listen to their own heart and follow it instead of anyone outside… matter what.

Many will be initiated in coming months to bridge the gap and anchor the new that is based upon Inner Power and love of the Soul that sees nothing but Source in all.

Choose you.

Your Truth.

Your Voice.

Your Heart.

Your Soul.

With Love,


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