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After working with Australia and New Zealand grid in last two years, recently we started to work with Greece grid to upgrade the land for New Earth communities. 

Each location has its own specific vibration that is connected to the sister community within galaxy and Inner Earth civilisation. This is how network would be connected up and below so that Gaia & its inhabitants become galactic citizens once again. 

There is lot of grid work that is being facilitated by galactic federation of light and council of light to prepare the various lands to create the foundation for New Earth Communities.

Energies are shifting faster than we can perceive opening new timelines and potential to bring all of planetary cities/communities that will create this hub on the planet. 

Gaia’s Vision is massive and supported by many right now who are in non-physical and physical facilitating the creation of New.

Many people will be guided to move to different locations in coming years as these energies will start pulling clusters of Soul with relevant Soul blueprint and vibrations to hold the consciousness within specific areas. 

Follow your guidance and let it lead you wherever it takes. 

I was shown future timelines of living in Greece for sometime and I am excited for that 😎🤓

Terra 🌹

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