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Yesterday, I visited the mountains here and as i entered into the field - I connected to the spirit of mountain offering my gratitude for her being and just feeling her love.

And, I wish to share what she responded with -

“Beloved ancient one, just by you choosing to connect with my heart, you have opened a timeline for this connection between humanity and mountains. These thoughts and this energetic pattern is being added to collective grid making this frequency available to everyone. We are so excited to connect with you. We are indeed your spirit brothers and sisters in different forms. And, we are also serving in evolution and ascension of Gaia together. As more and more of you are connecting to our frequency, we see collective grid expanding and we are so happy to see how humanity is re-claiming this connection with all elements of Gaia.”

Few years back, if someone would have told me that we can talk to the Nature elements or non-physical beings - i would have thought it crazy....something I would never share outside....what others are going to think..

But, with my own journey, I have embraced one thing - “We can never ever perceive our potential, our abilities, our gifts through mind as it is anchored in 3D physically focused grid which we are leaving behind”.

And, when someone share something that feels outrageous- the collective pattern is to laugh at it, to deny it, how this can be true.

The journey actually begins when we start challenging everything that has been even known to us......specially around who we are and what we are capable of.

And, Frequencies of Ascension are doing it......whether we recognise it or not.

Making new normal as we awaken to our own inner potential.

There is no other way forward for those who are meant to be co-creator of New Earth.

As I sat with mountain blending my consciousness with her, I received the timelines of New Earth - cities of Light.

I saw that only those who are ONE with our beloved Gaia will be able to enter into those places. I saw the multidimensional matrix and its structures with new frequencies and how people are holding those connection points with heart frequencies across dimensions.

Those who are here to co-create new earth are born with specific Soul Blueprint to anchor these frequencies.

And, this journey starts with the integration of our own multidimensional self so that we can release 3D grid and embody 5D frequencies to serve at highest with our Soul, Gaia and our Soul families.

The invitation is open with 4D bridge for those who are here to serve at highest in alignment to Gaia’s frequency.

If this resonates with you and you are ready for your mission and service to be anchored in higher realms, and feel called to co-create with us and councils of light supporting this mission, I invite you to connect further to “Diamond Ray of Light”.

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