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As Gaia’s heart beat changes, we as a collective are paving the path to align with her new pulse.

Have you noticed the rhythm of SLOWING DOWN?

When you think, you have slowed down – go even further than that.

Explore new edges.

The message has been screaming from all corners to Slow Down.

This is assisting us to re-align with the heart beat of Planet.

To flow in sync.

To align with new creation energy that is here now.

Old grid of creation comes from mental plane of Doing and has lot of emotional charge that could be perceived as excitement anchored into pleasure body.

New Creation Energy arises from the vortex of STILLNESS.

Can you imagine being still and blissful (new way of experiencing excitement) at the same time? Something you have to experience for yourself… there are no words to describe these new vibrations.

When creation arises from Nothingness – It is Free from all meanings and reasons. And, that is the beauty of it.

Original blue print of Creation where Creator and Creation merge together and experience itself as One in divine union.

These frequencies were downloaded into physical dimension on 18th Aug to open new creations that are grounded into being whole.

To integrate these frequencies – the journey is inward.

Slowing Down so that we can feel our own breath, our own feelings and integrate whatever is arising within to become whole.

We as collective are on cross over at the moment. New is here and it will take courage, deep inner knowing, and trust on divine within to let go of the old.

Once again.

Old teachings, old models, old processes, old pathways. Old timeline. Old way of being.

Letting go of all.

There are no ideal out there (not anymore).

And, if your mind challenge, Remember –




With love,


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