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I remember when first time, I took big quantum jump and landed into a different reality where I couldn’t relate to Manish anymore. I couldn’t talk to him for days as our consciousness was so different.

Not able to connect with him, triggered my fear of losing him. What if this relationship is not meant to be? I certainly can’t live my whole life like this. Not to mention at the same time, I had two people in my circle who were going through the same due to their own evolution.

I battled with my fear and insecurity for days until I can’t keep it inside and one day, in the middle of night, I found myself on ground in the park with Gaia. I let myself voice out everything I was experiencing and every fibre of my being cried hard…….as fear of failing the marriage and shaming the family surfaced from deep down.

I opened my heart for this aspect of myself…fully embracing the truth of what was arising from within. My higher self and Gaia held me deeply within their embrace as I allowed and accepted this part of me with complete love, honour and respect. No matter what it was.

As I transmuted and integrated the energies, I felt peace within and I was open to accept the reality of letting go of the relationship if that was in higher alignment. I didn’t feel to say anything to Manish and allowed higher self to lead as was in highest for both of us.

Few days later, Manish came across some transmission and in just 2 hours – his consciousness shifted and our realities got aligned. Rest is history as we created together.

This is what was happening in Quantum.

When I was holding too tight my resistance of not letting him go because of my fear – Quantum field couldn’t open all possibilities that were available to both of us.

Me being ok with the timeline of separation – opened the timeline of highest alignment for being together from the place of freedom and unconditional relationship.

This is what it means to open ourselves to higher possibilities and quantum creation.

If we have to create a new timeline, we have to re-enter into that timeline with new frequency.

We are not only calling the new future, we are also changing the history along with it as there is no separation between Past, Present and Future in Quantum space.


With old energies, I couldn’t open the timeline of co-creation with Manish that I have now. It was necessary for me – to see the foundation of energies that were anchored in old timeline and shift them from inside to open all potential available.


We are powerful creators, and we came here to exercise our free will and creations from the place of unconditional love for ourselves and others.


Choose the power within you and create what you truly came here to create.

With love,


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