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Where the world is lost into big things, we meet ourselves face to face in our every day small moments.

Our heart is speaking to us, sharing what it desires and where energy wants to take us.

If we are present with our own thoughts and feelings in every day life…..just to take note of our own reactions, emotions or behaviours, I can promise you that you will shift faster than sitting for hours on meditation pillow.

Life is our greatest teacher through which higher self is orchestrating all that we need.

Being student of my own life and being honest with myself, I learnt where I was showing up as me or where i was showing up from expectations.

This is something no one from outside can help with. We are the only ones who can know us deeply and be our own Master.

No matter how small or silly your heart desires sound in each moment, it is the secret medicine you hold within you.

When we don’t listen to them, we create energy of self denial or abandonment which is mirrored from outside.

We are the portal of love for ourselves.

When we create it from within, listen and honour our own voice - it creates the ripple that takes everything with it.

Connect. Be Present and Choose you.


With love,


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