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Few weeks back, i went through very intense physical transmutation.

I was purging my death experience from another lifetime.

Well….this time i made back here so i am grateful.

It took me days to Integrate new energies within my physical body. (Yes, physical ascension is real……in case you are still wondering )

And, when it happened, my consciousness shifted into new Reality.

My body could not resonance with so many old energies - places, people, things, ideas, concepts, beliefs……

I could feel deep guidance to release all of it.

I sat there - observing - disconnect between by mind and body.

Mind was trying to find - WHY ?

Some thought,

some story,

some reason to Justify……grab something.

It couldn’t find anything in external world…

But, Body knows… knows the deep truth…

As I surrendered to release the old, Council told me - You are not shifting timeline, you are shifting lifetime.

Mind will never have any reference point of these shifts. Trust the energies and feelings to guide you.

Anything that you are feeling to leave behind….because, it doesn’t exist in this lifetime.

As i closed the door with appreciation of old, I witnessed new energies bringing new in my life.


Ascension Bridge can’t be travelled with mind as it is constantly trying to connect past, present and future.

And, we are shifting into new timelines and realities faster than ever.

More we surrender to heart and Soul - easier the journey is.

It is beyond what can make sense to mind.

This is also where our attachments to old and what we have made them mean for us will be challenged.

In the past, i used to feel guilt around leaving people behind. Specially people close to me.

These are the moments where we have to trust whatever is in alignment can never ever leave us.

I had seen timelines collapsing - never coming back.

I had also seen timelines merging and uniting back after some time.

There are no rules.

It’s pure frequency alignment and resonance.

We are serving at best where we are.

And, we are also being served at best where we are.

This is the foundation of Energy Based dimension where everyone starts living in NOW based upon resonance and no attachment.

This is where Freedom and Sovereignty grounds itself in highest form.

Connect to your body and heart.

Trust your guidance.

Navigate through your own inner compass.

With love,


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