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Resurrection of light body - pathway to golden age

What people takes weeks to integrate, i can move those energies within hour…..because I am not afraid of dark.

I have traveled through the realms of unconscious within myself and also within collective grid as part of my planetary mission with Gaia.

The fear, the judgement, the duality of calling some realities or aspects as bad/wrong is keeping many stuck on 4D bridge because they see the separation between light & dark……which eventually manifest as separation within self.

The Dark is not bad or wrong or whatever way we perceive within 3D.

In New Earth Energies - It is serving the Light. Remember that 👈

It is bringing the energies, the aspects of self that are ready to be Integrated, honoured & respected as part of Source Consciousness to merge them with frequency of unconditional Love.

Duality exits everywhere.

Here on Earth, within galaxy or within multi-verse.

As Multidimensional beings, we have played within the energies of perpetrator, Rescuer, Warriors, Protectors, Manipulator, Victims across many lifetimes.

As we integrate all aspects of Self, these aspects(energies) are coming on surface, face to face - simply to be acknowledged, accepted for their service within the realm they existed, and integrated with love as part of whole.

We can judge them, run away from them, ignore them.


We can hold unconditional love, allow those energies to move through us and integrate them.

This is true embodiment of - I AM THAT I AM.👑

Every Soul who is here to anchor 5D is taken on this journey of Soul Integration before Ascension.

A Soul can ascend only when it embody Creator consciousness and has integrated all of its lifetimes as its own creation transcending the concept of Duality (light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong etc)

It is only then “Divine Self” can emerge through physical expression integrating the Light body.

Gaia is completing her Soul journey in few weeks that will stabilise new platform of existence for human collective and later this year, we will see many moving through this portal taking journey of Golden Age.

Its all here.

With love,


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