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Sisterhood has nothing to do with how many women we have in our life.

Sisterhood is a frequency signature that we carry within.

It is the portal that opens unification within our own lineage through lifetimes, different timelines, and different dimensions to start with.

It is through this bridge, we can access this frequency inside that simply starts mirroring outside.

This is the first frequency bandwidth within this codex that Ascension bridge is opening for those who are ready to leave the 3D separation grid.

Once we reconcile this relationship within our own lineage, we can never through mud outside on any other woman. Its simply not possible.

Because, the consciousness shifts to honour the sacredness of divine feminine so deep that we see nothing less than perfection in all relationships and in all creations.

We see through the window of being Creator of all and receive the gifts through all versions of self and others.

This is important for those who are riding the wave of evolution and ascension- as we all have chosen to play roles and have agreements for individual and collective growth.

So, it is but natural that many will come our way and leave the path when complete.

When we can celebrate each creation and honour the death of old with same dignity, we will enter into new Era.

Birth and Death are two spectrum of same womb portal. One can’t exist without other.

Through their oneness, we can create unity within and that becomes the first thread of sisterhood frequency.

In the past, i never resonated with women circle. It never made any sense to me.

I saw them holding the frequency of Duality which never felt good in my body.

When I received the Mission to hold container for Women, I ran away from it for weeks.

Its only when I surrendered, I started receiving new Codex which had been very intense journey for me….yet, very expansive at the same time.

It took me to open sisterhood frequency with my aspects through out my lineage and called out deep integration of my own frequencies from different lifetimes in this incarnation back.

I am not here to hold any circle with duality frequencies of gender separation, Saviour, Rescuer, or co-dependency.

I am here to hold space for those who are ready to re-claim their divinity, their power within through their own sisterhood frequency always available to them.

I am here to create space for those who has the courage to rise above duality, embody and honour brotherhood with same dignity as sisterhood.

I am here to support those who are ready to leave all known archetype of women or Goddess behind and anchor their own Soul Frequency.

As we take this journey, we are bringing the love and unity that is divine inheritance of our beloved Gaia through our Mission and our own journey.

With Love,


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