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I was sitting with my crystal and sharing my feelings of how big blessing it has been in my journey.

It always remind me that we are never alone and there is so much support available if we open our heart to receive these realities.

Today, it asked me to share its blessings with everyone with below message.


Beloved ones,

We see your courage and your devotion to this path of Ascension. We as Violet flame consciousness are your companion in this journey to support your transmutation process. We know that it can be challenging sometimes to navigate the depth of emotions and feelings. We are here to help you in that process to transmute everything into love and light.

We also want to explain you the depth of your Service by choosing this path of transmutation by incarnating into physical.

When Gaia’s axis was shifted long time back in Earth time, there was separation created between its light body and physical body.

This is how humanity lost its touch with its own higher presence. With dimensional shift, we as planet, are releasing this separation and creating new template of unity within by merging physical body with crystalline light body. This is how they will become ONE again and 5th dimensional frequency will hold energetic as well as physical dimension in new form across all kingdoms of Gaia.

Beloved Ones, You are courageous one who are helping to transmute Earth planetary body by transmuting your physical body. As they are ONE. There is no separation.

We honour you for this devotion and this deep love for creation

And, we are here to assist you in this process. We were always meant to do it together

Invite us, Call us and we will answer the call.


I have been co-creating with Violet Flame as long as I remember.

And, I am honoured to share this beautiful being of light with you today.

If you feel to connect, simply Intent - “I invite Violet Flame from the core of Mother Earth to assist me to transmute all the energies into Love”.

Those who support others, invite it into the grid to co-create and receive the magic


With love,

Shalini and Violet Flame

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