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When 4D bridge was opened, multiple timelines became available to all of us.

One of these timelines was my experience of Ascension on different planet that helped me to pave my own path here and integrate different view points that came with it. I will share the relevant part as story to share the remembrance and how it is related to our Evolution Journey here.

I was part of the group missioned to raise the crystal core of the planet so that it can shift the dimension. Each member of the group had specific skill set and expertise that were needed for all of us to create the bridge from 3D to 5D.

The people on the planet were challenged by some difference race and for a long time, the civilisation was working to protect themselves by different means until it became obvious that they can’t continue longer this way. The ultimate solution was to raise their consciousness so high that they can’t be perceived by the other race. So, the group of people got assigned to the task under the guidance of Planet itself and Galactic federation of light.

We worked together as group consciousness to transmute many energies from 3D and 4D to create the new light matrix and to ground new vibration of crystal core of the planet. Mission was completed. And, as soon as crystal core was raised to the surface within the temple assigned, the vibration of all area around it changed to new frequency.

All people living around were taken into the new field of frequency. However, instead of peace, it all became chaotic. Every existing energy was heightened. There was more fear and insecurity. And, this is when, we learnt one of the big lessons of Ascension process through that journey. In 5D frequency – there was no Cause and Effect. They were ONE. So, every fear or judgement or separation started manifesting instantly. Whatever was projected was experienced back immediately in that field and people were even more confuse or scared not knowing what to do and how to manage their own energies.

We, the assigned group worked through 3D and 4D energies and transmuted them while raising the crystal core to the surface, so we were in resonance with new vibration. But, the people of the community/civilisation didn’t. And, that was the missing part in this whole experience.

We knew we had to create another vortex to facilitate the healing and integration for all these people in order to be able to live with this new frequency of planet.


Since, the population was small and all were onboard, we worked together to facilitate the transmutation of old energies and integration of the new to create stabilise timeline for the planet and its people for whatever time was needed.


Remembering this, gave me insight of why are we going through the process of Evolution, in the way we are going through.


Gaia can ascend tomorrow if want to. However, its humanity that needs to do the work to align with the new to be able to even live with her new frequency.


We as collective are receiving new energies each day from above and below raising the frequency of the planet. It is natural that high frequency will bring all lower on surface because it needs to be transmuted. We can’t take keep it with us anymore. Not possible to have any fears, insecurities, limitations, attachments or identities where we are moving or who we are becoming to align with new.


It is being experienced on individual level as well as on collective level. I share this because having awareness of what is happening is important to flow with the current rather than going against it. Trust this gave you insight in yours and our collective process and If you want to know how to release the old and integrate the new, you can find my transmission on YouTube.


With love,


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